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The politics’ of the People’s Republic o China take place in a framework of a single party socialist republic, meaning that the leadership is in the hand of one single party which is the Communist party of China. Theoretically, and according to Article 2 of the Chinese constitution, the power is exercised by the National People’s congress and the local people’s congress. But in practice the PRC follow a totalitarian system as the executive, the legislative and the judiciary powers are all in the hands of the Communist Party of China. This becomes confusing when we read that the power within the government of the people’s republic of china is divided among three bodies ; the communist party of china, the central people’s government and the people’s Liberation Army. In order to clarify things a little bit, the chart bellow explains the political system of China and emphasizes on the totalitarian system of the PRC.
Since the CPC plays a major role in the political system , we figured out that it is important to tackle the party’s organization, membership and main principles. The CPC was actually first established in 1921 in Shangai then there was a conflict between the Kuomintang headed by Tchay Kai check and the Communist party leaded by Mao Tse Dong . The Kuomintang lost causing the fled of Tchay Kai check to Taiwan and the CPC became the only ruling party of China in 1949 with Mao Tse Dong.
The name “Communist” given to the party refers to the last and final step of socialism. However in patrice no socialist system had arrived to that step as the people cannot keep the socialism principles and rule themselves without the interfere of the government.
Moreover, the more than 73 million-member Communist Party of China (CPC) continues to dominate government. In periods of relative liberalization, the influence of people and organizations outside the formal party structure has tended to increase, particularly in the economic realm. Under the command economy system,

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