Chuck taylor et les converses ( anglais)

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Bragged= vanté
Retailers= détaillant

CONVERSE I am going to present you the very famous brand of shoe today. CONVERSE, Known and adopted from now on two centuries.

The Beginning
Sometime in 1908, Marquis Mills Converse decided to start a rubber shoe company, by passing a rubber trust that prevented most companies from doing business directly with their retailers. Early catalogs bragged about how many trucks left the Converse factory in Malden, Massachusetts, delivering product directly to stores in Boston. Mr. Converse’s idea worked. But more importantly, it survived.
The 1st Converse all tar shoe has been created in 1917.
In 1920 the rubber shoes company created 4000 pairs/day. Most of the income of the company came from. The « Converse all star » which is a basket ball shoes .
In 1918 they became famous when Chuck Taylor, the best basket ball player in NBA wore the model during one of his basket ball game.
Then, the Converse all star’s name became « Chuck Taylor all star » indeed the basket ball player put his signature in the logo in 1923.
In 1984, the firm « Converse » was the main sponsor of the Olympic games. At this moment « Chuck Taylor All Star » is the main model of the brand. They are well known for they laces crossed from top to bottom.
True icons of fashion, the « Chuck Taylor All Star » existed in several version as well as in leather with psychedelics colors, Graphic or color tabs. Even the U.S army wore them.
In June 2003 Nike corporation bought the famous shoes company « Converse » for 269 Millions dollars. Since this year Converse has developed the choice of models especially the Chuck Taylor All star shoes
The brand enters its second century by honoring its heritage of seeing things a little differently, loving people who want to change the world for the better, and basically celebrating the spirit of rebellion and originality in basketball, Rock & Roll and anywhere else you find it.
. Converse manufactures

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