Comissionnaire de transport

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Maude Fayard BTS AM1
For the 12th July 2010

Training period Report

I realized my training period in NYK Logistics firm in St Quentin-Fallavier.

NYK Logistics is a subsidiary of the Nippon group NYK Line specialized in transport of goods. The site all departments mixed accommodates roughly 40 employees.

In the company, I worked in the Freight Forwarding Department. This is composed by 5 transit agents, in charge of the shipping and by 2 commercials. The offices in open-space are shared with Yusen Air & Sea, the equivalent subsidiary in aerial. Represented by only 2 employees, the 2 branches will merge before April 2011, to belong to a one logistic site, called Yusen Logistic.

In my daily tasks I had to register data in the specifically data bases NYK Freight II, to follow up the files. Next, when goods have berthed, we had to transmit by emails, the different instructions concerning the delivery to the consignee (the customs clearance, the call and positioning instructions). Finally, after the step of the billing, I had checking and classifying them.

For 2 weeks, with the secretary of direction, I could discover and put in practise the welcoming as well physically as on the phone. I realized several books (for restaurant, or room) and I was worry about update of different type of documents. Once again, the sort out and the classifying was an important task of the work.

I liked particularly work at the welcoming because it was a good representation of the job such as PA’s. The work bosom the Freight Forwarding was interesting but not really appropriate in our training, car too much specialized and operational.

More globally, this first work experience was very constructive and pleasant thanks to a good

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