Commentaire littéraire chapitre x – la bête humaine d’emile zola

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Abbreviations used: Harry Potter => H.P
Severus snape => S.s
Dumbledore => Dumb.
Voldemort => Vold.
“The scale of camera’s shoot“=> C.s or “Camera’s shooting scale “

Sequel of the 1st part of Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows.

1st sequence: (H.P, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Griphook and Ollivnander) planning to go to the Hogwarts.

C.s: Long shot.
Some members of theDumb.’s army (same characters that we mentioned) took shelter in a tiny lighted tent situated in the middle of a scary lonely dark forest.
C.s: Medium shot.
Ron: Now I have no more hope, I think it is gonna be the end…
Hermione: No stop!
Ron (surprised)
Hermione: We should not give up, we will go ahead!
Luna: You are right Hermione!
Griphook: But how?
H.P: Vold. has got the elder wand, whichwas hidden by Dumb..
The only way to destroy him is to go to the Hogwarts and find a way to destroy him in the memories of Dumb. Which are in some glittering vials (a kind of liquid).
Hermione: It’s too dangerous for us to go to Hogwarts and I think Dumb.’s memory is vanished or hidden somewhere where we have no access…
H.P: It’s our last chance…
Ron: I have an idea!
Everybody: What?
Ron:Why don’t we ask: How to destroy Vold. to a very close and old friend of Dumb?
Hermione: If my memory is good, I can see just one person…
Ron (curious): Who?
H.P: Severus snape.
Hermione: Yes, but he will not help us because he is very faithful to Voldemort.
H.P: He will be bound to help us! (Angrily)
Ron: How?
H.P: We will capture him and torture him if need.
Ron: It’s not silly…Hermione: We should go to Hogwarts; I think he will be there.
Ollivander: Hurry up! Let’s go…
Luna: Vold. will kill H.P at any moment if he sees him.
Ron: So?
Hermione: We all will drink the (polyjucie nectar) and will make him doubt of the real H.P.
H.P: You should not risk yours lifes ! So let me go alone to Hogwarts.
Hermione: Oh no! Look everybody in this book that I got from Dumb., it’swritten: “ the holder of the elder wand do not doubt “.
Ron: No problem, we should not give up and we should not lose anymore time.
C.s: Long shot.
Everybody of the tent began their journey in the sky to Hogwarts. (They arrived there before Vold.).

2nd sequence: Voldemort is going to kill Harry Potter with his elder wand.

C.s: Extreme Close-up to the Vold’s face.
The happiness (because he getback the wand) and angriness (because H.P is still alive) the two different feelings in the same time expressing through out his face. Suddenly a man in black dress appears near Vold. (It’s S.s).
C.s: Medium shot.
S.s: the order of Phoenix is going to Hogwarts.
Vold: Tell the death eaters to join me at Hogwarts.
I am coming Harry! It will be the end…
Ah! Ha! Ah! Ha! Ah!
Voldemort raiseshis wand and begin his journey at the sky to Hogwarts.

3rd sequence: Severus snaps helps Harry Potter.

C.s: Long shot.
The orders of Phoenix (H.P, Hermione, Luna, Ron, etc.) are in an open place in Hogwarts and Severus snaps is also there.
C.s: Medium shot.
S.s: Vold. and the death eaters are coming.
H.P: I don’t care.
Hermione: You should help us!
S.s: If I don’t?
Ron: We will torture…H.P: Stop!
Ron (surprised)
H.P: Listen! S.s, Voldemort is the meanest devil in the world and you should not follow him, please tell me how I will destroy his wand, how I will demolish that Horcrux?
S.s: Excellent! I was waiting for this moment during several years!
H.P (angrily): What are you cunning? You mischief-maker!
S.s: You silly! You succeeded!
Hermione: What?
Everybody: What?
S.s(angrily): Harry! We should talk in private.
Everybody except H.P get away from S.s.
H.P (nervous and angry): So tell me otherwise, I will bang you!
S.s: Calm down! I was just joking… I will tell you, don’t worry!
H.P: I see… so please, tell me what Dumb. told you, that can help me.
S.s took ant a bonel containing liquid called “glittering vials “ which contains memories of Dumb.
S.s: So...
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