The use of force, carlos william

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The use of force, William Carlos William

How does the doctor feel about Mathilda? How does he feel about Mathilda’s parents? Give quotations to illustrate both answers.

About Mathilda,the doctor feels both impressed and softened. About Mathilda’s parents, the doctor seems to be irritated by their behavior. The doctor seems to feel tenderness for the girl. While “she had ahigh fever for three days” (4), the doctor still sees her beauty and say “She [has] magnificent blond hair, in profusion” (3). At the end, when “she [fight] valiantly” (32) the doctor seemsimpressed by Mathilda’s strength. The doctor seems pissed of Mathilda’s parents. “The parents were contemptible to [him]” (21) and he ends up “[wanting] to kill him” (22).

What kind of mandoes the doctor seem to be?

The doctor seems to be a patient and/but determined man. In order to reassure Mathilda he “[smiles]” and “[coaxes]” her (11). When he wants to take a look toMathilda’s throat, she won’t, and he never gives up. He starts asking here “Come on, Mathilda, open your mouth and let’s take a look to your throat” (11). Since it doesn’t work, he triesanother way, and asks her “ Just open up and let me see” (13). Then, he threatens her “Will you open it now by yourself or shall we have to open it for you?” (18). After three failures, thedoctor doesn’t give up and use the strength, twice.

In what ways does the doctor go “under reason” in his behavior with Mathilda? How does he feel about his own behavior?

The doctor go“under reason” in order to diagnosis Mathilda and to win their fight. Because he “have seen at least two children lying dead in bed of neglect in such cases” (30), the doctor won’t give up. Ialso think that the doctor is annoyed by Mathilda’s fight when he “attacks her” (30). He definitely “[enjoys] it”(30). When the doctor says “The worst of it” (30), he feels bad about his own...
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