Commerce équitable

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The term fair-trade refers to a model of international trade which promotes the payment of fair prices and improves social and environmental conditions for farmers in developingcountries.
The farmers export products such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea bananas, honey, cotton, wine and fresh fruit.
The Fair-trade Foundation, which endorses products with its logo, was registered as acharity in 1992.
The Fair-trade mark is a guarantee that poor farmers in the developing world are getting a better deal.

More than 58 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America benefit from thefair-trade movement. In the UK, colleges and universities and contract caterers were the first to take on fair-trade products. In the past few years, the quality of products has improved greatly sothat supermarkets and the hospitality industry are increasingly buying fair-trade. Two-Michelin-starred chef, Michael Caines, believes the movement is playing a big role in the fight to help people outof poverty all around the world.
Life isn’t easy for coffee growers high in the mountains of Peru who have to cope with frequent power cuts, fungus and changing climate. Projects have been set up forgrowers in Rawanda to have advice from their Kenyan neighbours who are much more experienced at growing coffee for export The women tea-pickers in Sri Lanka work long hours for little money, but withthe fair –trade premium they now have electricity in their homes, so their children can study at night and they can cook with a hotplate.

Le terme de commerce équitable se réfère à unmodèle de commerce international qui favorise le paiement de prix équitables et améliore-les conditions sociales et environnementales pour les agriculteurs des pays en développement.
Les produitsde la ferme à l'exportation comme le café, le cacao, le sucre, les bananes du thé, du miel, du coton, du vin et des fruits frais.
Le commerce équitable Fondation, qui homologue les produits avec...
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