Company culture toyota and sncf

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A culture is the values and practices shared by the members of the group. Company culture is what the group pays attention to and how managers pay attention and motivates the company's employees. A strong culture company brings success.

Culture varies from one country and political system to the next and also evolves and changes over time. For example when an employee leaves the company and another come the company culture will change because he brings with him his own values and practices. These changes may be positive, or they may not. The economy is composed by two sectors: the private sector and the public sector.

The public sector is unique and operates under different conditions from the private sector. The public and private company have separate legal identities to the owners of the business and have limited liability. These two sectors have also two different cultures.

Public sector is basically composed by agencies and institutions which are owned and controlled by the government. The public organization provides public services, often free or not and they not competing with any other institution for profit. The activities that provide the public service benefit the public. The price of this goods and services is cheaper than if they were provided by a profit company.

For example SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français), French National Railway Company, the primary supplier of services provides public services. SNCF company has 166,000 civil servants who coordinate and operate rail services for passengers and freight (about 14,000 trains are operated daily) and maintain 53,000 miles of rail infrastructure. This organization is managed under a larger chain of command and control and is not competing in order to maximize profits. SNCF have a rule to ensure rail transport for the general public. In terms of railway, SNCF occupies a place of honor within the European Union, after Deutsche Bahn, the scale of his

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