Conte fantastique anglais

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Once upon a time, in the farthest galaxy unknown by the human being, existed a Planet called Existencia.
Existencia was ruled by a Queen which name was Miarita. She was the last member of the royalfamily as her father, her Mother and her brother had lost their lives in the war against the Stink-Stings, the enemies of Existencia. She had a mystical power which couldn’t be explained by anywizard in the Galaxy. In fact, as long as she remained on the planet, a magical atmosphere would circle it and would keep Existencia clean & keen. A lavender-scented breeze would also blow all over theplanet. Legends say that it was the Queen’s perfume itself.
Existencia was engaged in a war against the Stink-Stings since centuries but, few years back, they achieved to conquer almost every planet inthe galaxy, nevertheless, Existencia always offered vigorous resistance helped by the Queen’s courage & compassion for her people. The Stink-Stings were dirty warriors, which always lived in dirtiness& messy places. Shower and minimum hygiene were unknown to them.

But there was a huge problem on Existencia. Miarita was still unmarried and many predicted that she would finally die one day. Whowould then succeed her? She had to get married in order to give a prince or a princess to the people of Existencia.
A few people know that she was actually loved by a local farmer named Lancelot usedto look at her from his window since they were three years old, but he never got the chance to even talk to her.

One day, on Existencia, a strange thing occurred. The sky suddenly came grey & themarvelous scent went away. People immediately understood something was fishy. The news almost gave a heart-attack to the whole planet: The Queen had disappeared during the night!

Lancelot couldn’thide his feelings; he immediately realized that she had been stolen by the Stink-Stings in order to win a quick victory. Without hesitating, he chose to leave all his work and to save the Queen. The...
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