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1) Moving in : «  We have new neighbors in the house next door. » line 52

2) The passage set in Britain, in London.

3) A girl referto the daughter of the new neighbors.
Her refer to Poppy's daughter
They refer to the new neighbors
He refer to Poppy
Poppy refer to the narrator’s father again

4) The scenes are seenthrough the eyes of a young girl. Poppy’s daughter.
« A girl of about her own age » lines 13-14 »
« She would tell someone, but who ? » lines 22-23
« He clung to the things that reminded him of the oldcountry : the smell of borscht and pierogi, the dark paneling hung with Polish folk art. » lines 44-45
« … the street seemed suddlenly lifeless without them. » line 20
« It seemed to her… » line 15This character is of Polish origin.
« the things that reminded him of the old country : the smell of borscht and pierogi, the dark paneling hung with Polish folk art" lines 44/45   
«  ReadingPolish newspapers… » line 32

5) At the beginning of the passage the main character could be on her doorstep or inside her house.

6) This character’s state of mind is both curious andfrustrated

“ She hugged herself in frustration » line 22
“she would tell someone, then, but who?” lines 22/23
“leaping from the steps, she ran.” line 26

7) She decides to go and meet her fatherat the café in order to break the new to him and share her pleasure.

8) The man doesn’t expect to see her there, so he wonders why she is coming and he asks her if there is something wrong . Itreveals that he is a worried and concerned man.

“What are you doing here, little one? Is something wrong?” line 36
“He always thought something was wrong.” line 37
“she supposed he worried sobecause of his time in the war.” lines 37/38

9) Wrong : « Still he clung to the things that reminded him of the old country » lines 43-44

Wrong : « In 1946, newly demobbed, her father had...
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