Corrigé bac anglais 2010

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Le corrigé LV1 anglais, Bac L :
1- World War 1 (1914-1918)2- They all participate in this war.3- a) He visited his mother. He didn’t come back to the Front when he had to because he was so afraid to die over there. Finally, policemen came to his mother’s house to send him back there although she “barred the front door with a broom handle”.b) Nell witnessed this episode and felt very embarrassed for Bill because she thought he was a coward and unpatriotic.c) Other neighbours, especially women, came to protest against the policemen and to supports Bill’s mother.4- c-f-a-e-d-b5- a) Because he got hurt at war, so he was given a few days’ leave.b) He came home and visited Nell, Lillian and Rachel Barkerc) He is considered as a good and old friend of the familyl. 21 “they'd hardly known him yet now he seemed like an old friend”l. 22 “they both hugged him and made him stay to tea”6- Female characters also participate in the war in their own way. They help soldiers : l. 41-42 “now they were knitting socks for soldiers”, and get jobs usually occupied by men : l. 42-43 “Nell told him about her new job, making uniforms, where she'd just been made a forewoman” et l.43-44 “Lillian was working as a conductress on the trams”7- He seemed to disapprove Bill’s reaction in front of his friends but, in reality, he felt the same as Bill did, he also was afraid of going back to the front.8- At first, Franck was so impatient to tell his friends all his experience of war, the fact that it’s really awful. However, he wants to protect them from the true horror of the war so as not to worry them.9- a) Pour le contenu, Franck peut raconter ce qui s’est passé pour Bill et ce qu’il en a pensé ; il peut aussi évoquer ce qu’il a éprouvé quand il s’est retrouvé autour d’un thé avec ses amis… Selon l’inspiration du moment, la personne à qui il raconte cela peut soit approuver et ressentir la même chose que lui, soit désapprouver complètement et trouver des mots

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