-Corrigé de l’évaluation écrite 01 the other side of truth part one

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-Corrigé de l’évaluation écrite 01
The Other Side of Truth Part One
Reading Comprehension (30 points)
General comprehension
 Chapter Two is entitled ‘Say Nothing’ and Uncle Tunde’s first lines:‘It’s safer for everyone that way’ impress Sade, Femi and their father in the need for absolute secrecy. They need to stick together, they feel responsible for one another because if one of them talksthey are all in danger. (2 points)
 We are in a story dealing with the theme of exile. I can quote: “They needed passports”. We now see a new kind of story where the characters will share the dangersand preoccupations of people who need to flee their country to live in exile. (2 points)
Uncle Tunde has not been able to get them official passports. The solution is to lie to the authorities andflee by other means. Here, the children will go to London under assumed names. (2 points)
Detailed comprehension
 The conference Sade’s father was supposed to attend was about “human rights”. (page10)
The policemen are compared to “a swarm of giant locusts” (page 10). The image is taken from nature in Africa where obviously locusts are a plague to be feared as they destroy crops, as herepolicemen threaten lives. An atmosphere of violence is again prevalent. (3 points)
 The story is set in Africa. The compound where Femi plays soccer is dusty: “Femi raised a small spray of dust”. It haslocal trees and colourful flowers. I can quote page 10: “lofty pawpaw trees”, “two flaming forest trees” with “fiery-red flowers” and “lemon grass”. (2 points)
 Femi
Femi is a regular school boywho plays soccer and for whom friends are important. He wants to reveal his secret to his best friend. He is still a child and doesn’t quite grasp the seriousness of the situation. Life is all a gamefor him. The fact that he whines and moans about going to London shows that he still has the innocence and self-centredness of childhood. His temper adds to the suspense as we wonder if he will...
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