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An introduction to

The searchable full-text patent family database from Minesoft and RWS Group

What? • Launched in October 2003 by Minesoft Ltd and RWS Group in partnership • Createdby professional patent searchers for professional patent searchers • Over 15,000 users worldwide • Global client base including Europe, USA, Japan, China, Israel, India Who? • Used by a range of IPprofessionals including: corporate IP departments, patent attorneys, information specialists, patent analysts, licensing, R&D

Why? • Used for legal IP searches (freedom to operate, novelty andinfringement searching), general technological or competitor searches, monitoring and analysis
• Cost effective, fixed annual subscription – no per-use or ongoing charges

Why use PatBase?
• • •Search patents from over 95 issuing authorities worldwide in a single database: US, WO, EP, GB, CA, FR, CN, JP and many more Patents and text grouped into extended families – saves time by avoidingduplication Search across a comprehensive coverage that includes: • 40m patent families • 16.2m Latin Full-Text records • 8.7m non-Latin Full-Text records Daily/weekly updates and stringent quality checks:depended on by many worldleading organisations to deliver the up-to-date, reliable patent data they need Distributed search engine: power and speed for efficient and in-depth patent searching

• ••

Standardised data structure across the entire database: normalisation of formats makes searching more straightforward

Automatic highlighting of keywords

A PatBase record

Add to resultsfolder

Link to mosaic view of all drawings

All Assignees and Inventors

Available Full Text

Links to original document in PDF format and National Patent Registers

Searching: Making theData Accessible
• • • Flexibility: choice of Search Forms or Command Line depending on experience and preferences Powerful command line for more complex search queries + use it to build up a...
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