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[cyber-criminality : the plague of the xxi century] | Cybercrime is a phenomenon which scares the world. Day after day, this dangerous movement grows and leads to expensive consequences in three main fields: private companies, governments, and individuals.In order to control the quick evolution of cybercrime, it is necessary to fight against the cyber-pirates helping the victims with protections. The development of Internet must be managed with precision, especially controlling the new social networks which can encourage cybercrime. |

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I. etat des lieux 1. definition

The term "cybercrime" appeared at the end of the 1990's when the Internet started its development in the north of United States. At the same time, after a meeting of G8, some representatives created the group of Lyon, a group in charge of studying the appearance of new types of cybercrime encouraged by the development of Internet. This group used the word "cybercrime" to qualify all types of offenses found on the Internet and on other new social networks.
Few times after, in 2001, the term was used to qualify the new troubles of computers concerning the information for police or details agencies.

To propose a global definition we can say that the cybercrime is employed to qualify all the penal offenses through networks in particular through Internet. It qualifies a new form of crime and delinquency which differs from other forms because it principally operates on a virtual space, the "cyberspace". The term “cyberspace” was coined by the science fiction author William Gibson in his 1984 novel Nuromancer, to describe the environment in which computer hackers operate. We can distinguish three kinds of cybercrime:

* The first one concerns all the "basic" offenses called infringement of goods. We can give several relevant examples: *

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