Cyrano de bergerac

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True love.

Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand, is centered around three main characters: Roxanne, Cyrano, and Christian. Roxanne is a beautiful woman loved by two men; Cyrano de Bergerac andChristian de Neuvillette. While Cyrano is a charmingly witty poet without beauty, Christian is a vain, handsome man lacking spirit. The play is about the impossible love triangle between Cyrano,Roxanne, and Christian. By analyzing the relationship between these three characters, particularly in Act 3, the balcony scene, one is able to understand the underlying relationship between the three,revealing the two major themes of the play: love and lies.

Cyrano gives up on his love, instead deciding to help his opponent, Christian. Pretending to be Christian, Cyrano tries to seduce Roxanne bywritting her love letters. Roxanne thinks that Christian has finally found the words to express his love, but on the contrary, she has been fooled. Cyrano's character is really moving, because of hishuge nose he does not accept himself and has a lack of self confidence. Because of his physical appearance, Cyrano thinks that no one can fall in love with him. Many times he calls his noze a rock, apeak, peninsula, a perch, this shows how hard he is on himself. Nobody can fall in love with Cyrano if he does not love himself in a first place. However he accepts his condition, he does not try tofight anymore, he has already gave up on love. Even if he is desperately in love with Roxanne he does not tell her, his only way to express his feelings is by getting involved in an agreement withChristian. Christian will have the beauty and Cyrano will have the soul, the beautiful spirit , and this incredible ability to write poems. Cyrano is only capable of expressing himself through writing , heis not confident enough to express his feelings directly to Roxanne.

During the balcony scene , Cyrano is the one who talks to Roxanne instead of Christian, he is the one who seduces her thanks...
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