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We can find this ad in different medias. We can fin diton periodicals, but also in the street and on internet. I found it onInternet when I was looking for a trip to do. It is a good place because the purpose of this ad is to promote holidays in UK. Furthermore, this ad is one of a series, because wa can find frequentlydisfferents ads with the same humor. This ad appears The 3rd of november, 2010.
It is an advertisement for Eurostar, and particularly for a trip to London in ony 2H15. The service in not new, but themain purpose is to keep the product before the public, to increase tha quantity bought…
This ad is directed to Young people because it is refering to Burger King, a famous fast food which does notexist in France. The ai mis to show that you can find a burger king near from Paris.
The contents

The structure can be divided into two parts, the copy and the visual. We can see immediately that thevisual is far more important than the copy.
First we see the image in full size of a Burger King Meal. We could think that it is an advertisement for this brand but in fact it is for Eurostar thatin we can in Small size at the bottom of the ad. On the other hand, At the top of the ad, we can see in big lettering the french expression « A deux pas d’ici » in order to attract the eyes. The textis in bold and blacks whereas the image is full of colors. Obviously it is an humoristic ad with the présence of the fast food. I think that the purpose is to provoke curiosity and also play on asensé of humor.
Young french people considers burger king like a myth., so when they see this ad they feel the need to go to London. The image is most important part of the message because you create theneed, the with the text than what do you need is near to you and finally you see the brand and the fact that you can go to London in only 2H15.
Concerning to the rethorical trinagle, The ethos...
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