Dark knight summary

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The Dark Knight

Directed and co-written by Christopher Nolan, ‘‘The Dark Knight’’ in 2008 was not just a sequel to 2005’s ‘‘Batman Begins’’, it surpassed a lot of expectations. In this superheromovie, Bruce Wayne, known as Batman by the whole city, successfully begins to round up the criminals that plague Gotham City with the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon and new District Attorney HarveyDent. Therefore, a mysterious and sadistic criminal mastermind known as The Joker appears in the city, creating a big chaos for everybody. The movie is full of special effects; explosions, people jumpingout of buildings, Harvey Dent’s burnt face and a lot more. In the two next paragraphs, I will summarize two of the film reviews that will give more details about the movie.

Roger Ebert explains inhis review that The Dark Knight is not a comic book movie but a tragedy. He describes Batman and The Joker as more than simply the good and the bad: In the movie, the citizens of Gotham still blameBatman for the death of policemen and others even though he lives to save their lives. Unfortunately he couldn’t fight The Joker and save the city from him without inconveniences because The Joker ismore than a villain criminal. Ebert, like many of the reviewers, comments especially on Heath Ledger and his performance as The Joker in the movie. The Joker, and not Batman, was the key performance ofthe movie! The review also describes the powerful acting of the characters and the spectacular special effects that felt so real. Ebert also mentions the different locations of the movie that was shotin Chicago. At the end, he reviews some of the supporting characters such as the scientific genius Lucius Fox in charge of Bruce Wayne’s underground headquarters. Overall, Roger Ebert wrote a verypositive review about the film with no bad critiques at all.

Another review by John Campeaon contains various positive and negative critiques about The Dark Knight. At first, he summarizes the...
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