Wall street ii

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Wall Street II Money never sleeps is an American film. This movie is directed by Oliver Stone. The screenwriters are Allan Loeb and Stephen Schiff. The movie was released in CannesFestival in May 2010 and worldwide later in 2010.
As main actors we have Michael Douglas playing for the second time Mr Gecko, Shia LaBeouf as Jake Moore, a young trader in Wall Street.andCarey Mulligan, Winnie, Jake’s girlfriend, and also Mr Gecko’s daughter.

At the beginning we see Mr Gecko taking back his things at his release of prison in 2001 after 8 years injail. After this opening, the movie really begins 7 years later. So the scene takes place in New-York in 2008.
Quickly we understand that something’s wrong those days in Wall Street.
Theyoung trader's mentor, Louis Zabel gives him a huge bonus, 1 450 000$ and tell him to spend it before all ends.
Soon we learn that KZI, Zabel’s company is in danger with billionsinvested in sub primes.
The Federal Bank try to save KZI, but a member refuses to help more than 2$ each stock. Their quotation was above 75$ a few days ago.
The day after, Louis Zabel jumpdown the subway.
Jake is ravaged and thinks only now how he could revenge “Lou”…

Does Mr Gecko come back with plenty of kindness and only want to be forgiven by his daughter?
WillJake’s dream about fusion power happen?
Will the couple between Jake and Winnie survive all the plots?

Oliver Stone want us to see that bank are not really innocent in the recentcrisis despite of they told us. Their owners want always to earn more and more money, and make it with money that not belongs to them.
The message being told is said by Mr Gecko to Jake“Money's the bitch that never sleeps and she's jealous”.
In my point of view, the movie is a good entertainment but the plot are expected and Wall Street, the first one, worth better.
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