Dating sites

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Dating sites

Everybody use them .les are the single men Dating sites are mainly used by people, so people use these sites as a social network tool and go out of the loneliness
However, it can be dangerous if we end up on a person who has rather unusual habits... Dating sites began in the year 2000 with the emergence of internet, indeed, previously have could meet persons via teletel, phone calls …

The most known Dating sites: Meetic is an online dating service founded in November 2001 and publicly quoted since October 2005. It is among the main firms in its industry in Europe. Meetic was founded by Marc Simoncini.

What it represents today?
In order to answer this question we will fist of all take a look at the pros and then the cons.

I) Advantage
The worm wide web became so global: Our society does not facilitate the natural meetings with a woman while the life is harder and harder and the solitude all the more intolerable. It is necessary to live with his time by optimizing the means which the life gives us. The new technologies of information and the communication are an opportunity to be seized. Their radius of action does not limit itself any more to the professional questions but continues up to the domain of the everyday life(daily paper) in the service of the man and of every human being. The Internet got involved in the fight (wrestling) against the solitude and the indifference by allowing the hatching of the Dating sites. In front of the acuteness of the problems of the man in his social relationships, the Dating sites want to be a remedy against the isolation.

Conceived above all to facilitate the meetings with a woman by allowing new knowledge, sites knew a lightning success a little time after their appearance. The exceptional attraction which they exercised on the Internet users accelerated (boosted) their multiplication (increase) and

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