Dear mum and dad

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Dear Mum and Dad :
I hope you are fine. On my side, so far so good. I have started my second term and thanks to sport, Ive got a more important scholarship thanlast year.
I have some difficulties in Biology, the teacher is odd and he doesn’t explain certain things very well, so sometimes I don’t understand! But, I tryto make up for it in literature (I read a Moliere’s book “Le malade imaginaire” in French, it’s fabulous, I recommended it to Mum), and mathematics is myfavourite subject. If I stay in Langford for 2 years, I think i might take maths in speciality. Otherwise I hope to pass my exams successfully.
In sport, I continueswimming everyday at 7:00pm. Thanks to my results, my sport’s teacher promised me that he will integrate me into the academic year in a month, I’m so excited !This is the first that i feel useful! I hope your proud of me.
Im still working in Starbucks Coffee apart from the week-end, the boss is strict but the work iseasy and I do get paid very well. A friend works with me on Fridays, and after work we go to a bar where musicians play blues music. It’s so relaxing!
Yesterday, Iwent shopping with Jessica, my bestfriend because I needed a new jumper and new shoes. She helped me, I’m sure you will like it! She is English with long blondhair and blue eyes, she is so cute!
How is the family ? What’s the weather like in Delhi ? Here, it’s sunny, a beautiful spring sun.
I look forward to seeingyou, even though everythings fine i do miss you.
I gotta go, Im going to see a criket game with my friends, I hope to hear from you soon.
Lots of love,
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