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Las Vegas

Las Vegas is situated in the desert of the Nevada, in the United States and has for reputation to be the world capital of the game. However, Las Vegas is also theshopping mall of the region and a destination shopping more and more recognized. Effectively, a long time the shopping in Las Vegas was considered as a feminine diversion,while sir spent on the tables of games(sets), but today Las Vegas Boulevard became the biggest shopping mall of the world.
The city, Really turned to the cinema , moreoverinspired numerous movies, such the series of movies " Of Ocean Eleven ", " Of Ocean Twelve " and " Of Ocean Thirteen " or still " The Experts ". It is necessary to say that thenight-life of Las Vegas is considered because it never stops. Indeed, shows and diverse attractions are programmed 24 hours a day and acrobats of circus and cowgirls compete withthe famous magazines the American way. Among the most spectacular attractions of Las Vegas, let us quote the cliff to the sharks, one of the most beautiful aquariums of theUnited States.
The tourists sometimes take advantage of the stay to get married, because the Americans established the custom to take a plane ticket for Las Vegas to celebratetheir marriage.
Let us speak finally about famous tables of black-jack, the castor or dices which run in the always opened casinos. We can also take part in sports bets or tryhis, luck on gambling machines, become so complicated as certain casinos propose courses to the novice players.
Las Vegas, temple of the leisure activities right in the heart ofthe desert, is a very original city. The photos of Las Vegas as well as the movies which were turned testify of the vitality of this city in neon there which never go out.
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