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World problem : Global warming
Cause /Effect : Pollution (the ice is melting in the poles and the sea level raise
Possible solution : stop the pollution or at least reduce it change the human's way of life use the new alien's "green" technology which stop carbon dioxyde emissions and reduce the high level of pollution of cars, airplane and industries .
Consequences :Hope for a better life and a better environment for the future generations .
Time limit : 2 years

What is he/she/it is : an alien
Name : Earl
Colors : green/blue /purple and yellow
Planet: Gamma

Alien Speech by Justine Soulié

Hello everyone ! I'm coming in peace !
My name is Earl and I'm coming from the planet Gamma ,one of the most advanced planet in high and "green" technology .

I am here today to prevent you from an eminent catastrophe who could annihilate your entire planet .
I'm talking about a major problem : Global Warming !
After long researches and studies on your planet, I have discovered that the pollution level was getting higher and higher .
The ice is melting in the poles because of the constant increase of temperature which will surely lead to a raise of the sea level . This raise will make your lands flood .
You have to stop this phenomenon or unless reduce it as fast as possible because if you don't act in the next two years ,the consequences will be catastrophic .
I can help you , but before that , you , human have to understand that the change is inevitable . You have to be aware of what the world could become if you don't act now ! So if you agree with me , feel involved about this issue you will have to change your way of life once for all and forget all your bad habits and I can help you . But if you don't , well fine but i would say only one thing: it's not about me , or even about you ....but mostly about the next generations ,your children

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