Dialogue anglais

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-Yes, come in please.

-Hello Mister MaudouxXx

-It’s Maudoux in fact but don’t worry, it happens to everybody.

-Oh really sorry.

-Never mind. You must be Mister Maillard.

-Sorry Sir but it’s Mister Maillard

-Haha, you are a good joker. Please sit down…So you are coming to propose your help this summer, If I understand right.

-That’s right, I saw your advertisement. I felt directly appealed to be a volunteer.

-Oh good. So can I ask you why you are interested in this experience?

-First of all I really like animals since my childhood. I also use to look after young children because I am a scoutmaster for kids between 6 and 8.

-Oh excellent. And do you feel at ease when you’re supervising these kids? Can you keep their attention?

-Ho sure I can get by with it, they all like me and we spend good times together.

-So you probably saw that we need helpers for two weeks a month for the summer period, when are you free during the holidays?

-Well, whenever you want I don’t have any occupation that takes my time.

-Alright what about every week-end from 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM? Does that suit you?

-Yes no problem that’s fine. Could you tell me a bit more about the work?

-Ho yes you’re right! So your work will consist of looking after and feeding the birds, reptiles and animals. You ’ll also have to clean the cages and enclosures. Educational talks will be given by experienced zoo keepers, but you will talk to groups of children about some animals in the zoo such as rabbits and goats, it doesn’t involve a

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