If you dare!

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If you dare !

- Young man? The same thing please! Hi John, what do you do here?

- I’m here every night Lily! You, what do you do? It’s too late.

- Oh… I am waiting somebody.- Who is it?

- It is… It’s a long history.

- Carry on! That is interesting.

- All start when we were six years old. We were only child! One day, Matthew and me invented a game.His name was “If you dare!”. I loved this game as him. We had a box and we made a bet. The fist years were easy. But when we were teenagers, things get harder… And any tensions created. So, ateighteen years old, we made a new bet: “Can we no longer see for ten years?”. We loved each other and it was hard to leave him. I do not even know why I was doing this challenge.
For two years I wasdepressed. I hoped he would return. But I had too equal! I could not return to him. It was impossible. I had no signs of life from him, nor phone calls or letters… Nothing. I had several stories withoutknowing we lived in the same town and I learned that he married a woman and that they wanted a baby. During these ten years we have never see. The worst is that he knew where I worked.
We promisedto return in this bar February 3, 2010, today at midnight. It’s a quarter to twelve. I don’t know why but I’m scared. Fear that he does not come. I fear he'll be disappointed. The stress rises. Onone hand I do not want to see him. I'll probably be disappointed. I wonder if this is not him. That man over there, sitting alone. He has the same eyes, the same lips. He looks around here sinceearlier.
I never ceased to love him. And despite all the hatred I had for him all these years, my love for him has not changed. I will be ready for anything for him. It should arrive in five minutesalready.

- It will come Lily.

- Please? Another glass… I want to forgot that I'm here, forgot that he will never come.

- Lily?

- Yes, it’s me! Who are you?

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