Dialogue policier en anglais

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Police : So, you think that Ben lied to us?!

Mr Freeman : No, everything that he said is true ! We put down some posters, not bombs ! Wedon’t want people to die !

Police : So where were you during the explosions ?! I would like to know ? What is the truth ? Ben says you wereat home with him and you told us that you were in a hotel…
You better ell me all the story, because if you don’t you may have seriousproblems.

Mr Freeman : I’ve already told you all ! What do you need more ? In my opignon I have nothing to add.

Police : And you think we’llbelieve a lie like this one ? Seriously ! Who do you think you are ? I’m not here for laught !

Mr Freeman : Have you got any piece ofevidence of what you say ?

Police : Of course ! We’ve got witnesses and pictures ! You will pay for your crime ! You killed about ten honestpeople, ruined 10 families, Steve’s wife is dead too…

Mr Freeman : I don’t care !

Police : Can you immagine there sadness ? Oops, I forgot,you don’t have any family ! You just can’t ! Fucking terrosrist ! (Lends a stick on the table)

Mr Freeman : I FORBID YOU TO TALK LIKE THATABOUT ME ! Right ? You don’t know anything about my life ! Ben is a lier, and you are a fucking asshole !

Police (to anotherpoliceman): Please fasten him, he becomes violent.
(to Mr Freeman) Are you decided to cooperate now ?

Mr Freeman : Never ! I will never betray them !
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