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Vicky Bholah
Sophia Chemillier
Arthur Brebion

Dramatics love stories

Monday 15th of November,

At sunrise, the police offices of Miami, calm and sleepy received a strange call.
It was a man with a small voice frightened and shocked. He was calling for something he saw but he preferred not to tell it on the phone so he asked for detectives to come on the spot.

After reaching the place, the S.A.V, the trio of the most famous detectives of Miami was examining the situation. Two bodies were lying on the ground which was cover with blood. Sophia, the assistant of Vicky who was the team’s head detective, approached him. “Boss, these two dead bodies belong to Mr. Tobbias Buglin who was 25 years old and Mrs. Aude Stanfield who was 19 years old. I found these information in their wallet.” “Good Sophia. Where is the person who discovered the two bodies?”

At this moment, a man who seemed worried rushed up towards him.

“Oh here you are detective Vicky! I’m sir Gatwick, the fisherman who phoned the police offices.”

“Oh it was you then who discovered these two bodies? Can you explain to me how you saw them and where you were at this moment, please?” replied Vicky.

“Yes sure, I was just fishing on my boat, it was approximately 5 o’clock in the morning when I suddenly noticed some red traces on the water. I followed them and I suddenly found out these two corpses at the riverside. I immediately phoned you then.”

“Alright and did you see anything else?”

“No, that’s all.”

“Good, thank you for these information Mr. Gatwick.”

“Boss, excuse me …” said a big voice. “I found this gun while I was walking back up the river and there were several footprints also.” It was Arthur, the scientist of the team.

“Good job Arthur, go to the laboratory and tell me if you find something interesting. Sophia, you, comes with me.”

They walked back up the river and followed the

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