Dissertation en anglais sur roméo et juliette

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Romeo and juliet can be considered as a tragedy because they are young lovers faced with a important obstacle which finished by a horrible andfatal conclusion. This is the structure of all Shakespeare's tragedies.
Shakespeare's tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, is the story of two lovers who take theirlives for each other when their love is prevented by their parents conflict. This story contains aspects of a love story and a tragedy
The family Montagueand the family Capulet had been locked in a conflict for years, even so that their servants fought on the street. This is the tragedy that make all of othermisfortunes, and if this conflicts were resolved none of the further things I am about to talk would have happened.
The misfortune of Roméo is the speechless love ofJuliette. It is the cause of the whole story. For two persons who love each other and who cannot show their true feelings for each other is very irritating
II]The tragedy of Tybalt's death. Another result of the family fight, it was the tragedy to engage the Capulets and the Montagues, because Roméo was banished fromVerona. Furthermore than roméo did not receive the message of the priest in time it is an accumulation of event of misfortune. Roméo who just misses Juliet'sawakening is certainly a tragedy. It is one of the most irritating things in the movie, because if he just waited two minutes longer he would have been able to noticedthat she would always have been alive.
And finally, Juliet's death. It is sad that she considered that she had to die to to be with the one she truly loved.
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