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By Sarah El marrhadi 3.3
Reportof pharmacy internship of 14 to 21 December 2009

I have start at 9h30 am to 12h30 pm. I have restart at 14h30 and I have finished at 18h30

Following the request I made to the Pharmacy Bovalisplace de la Liberté à CAEN, I did internship information 14 to 21 December 2009.

Daily Schedule:

After being presented to these persons present and having a quick tour of the Officinal,with two apprentices, Sabrina and Ornela, we opened the packages delivered by laboratories for pre-ordering. There were different drugs as capsules, tablets, pills and suppositories.

Ourjob was to prepare an ointment for babies, the trademark “St Louis”. We had to respect the proportions that we were given.

Much of the day was occupied in arranging in various drawersreserved for this purpose, many drugs designed to treat all sorts of diseases. There were little boxes, larger tubes, ampoules, bottles and ointments...

The same operations were repeatedbut they always seemed different as it was mew to me.

I began to take stock of this introductory course and I saw in my head everything I did during those four days, while helping a littleSabrina and Ornela which were both very sympathetic with me.

Conclusion of this course:
It is demanding the profession of pharmacy technician and pharmacist requires long study and an excellentand requires great precision and professionalism with regard to human health. It’s a clean job that occurs within a pharmacy and therefore beyond the weather. This is to keep abreast of everythingthat is new, particularly “Para pharmacy” and “Cosmetic” which presents a real interest. In addition to medicines and cosmetics of all kinds, some pharmacies offer medical equipment for sale and rent....
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