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New Opportunities – Intermediate English-French Wordlist
English Headword Module 1
Aborigine adventure advert already ambition ambitious ambitiously ancient archaeology back out base be into sth biography boring botanist brave bravely bravery break down bungee jumping by camel campsite cannibal canoeing certainly / b rd ni/ / d vent / / dv t/ / l redi/ / m b n/ / m b s/ / m b sli/ / en nt/ / ki l d i/ / b k aυt v, v/ /bes/ /bi nt /ba / b rŋ/ / b t nst/ /brev/ / brevli/ / brev ri/ / brek daυn/ / b nd i d /ba/ / k m l/ / k mpsat/ / k n b l/ /k nu ŋ/ / s tnli/ mpŋ/ s mθŋ/ r fi/ un, une aborigène l'aventure l'annonce, la publicité déjà l'ambition ambitieux ambitieusement ancien l'archéologie se retirer la base être mordu(e) de la biographie ennuyant le, la botaniste brave, courageux bravement, courageusement la bravoure tomber en panne le saut à l'élastique par, en le chameau le (terrain de) camping le cannibale le canoë (activité) certainement Did you meet any Aborigines when you went to Australia? It's a book about Johnson's adventures at sea. Have you seen that advert for Nike sportswear? I've seen that film already. My ambition is to become a doctor. We are looking for ambitious, hard-working young people. He ambitiously decided to try for the top job. It looked like an ancient building that had not been used for centuries. She wants to study archaeology. The salesman tried to back out of the deal. The scientists worked from their base in Antarctica. He's really into football these days. He wrote a biography of Princess Diana. The programme was so boring she fell asleep. The botanist discovered a new plant. He was a brave man and gave his life to save others. The mountaineers battled bravely against the weather. He was awarded a medal for his bravery. The car broke down in the middle of the motorway. Zak went bungee jumping whilst on holiday in New Zealand. I go to work by bus. The camel race was one of the best bits of our holiday. In the

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