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The Duchess of Malfi, a tragedy written by John Webster, is particular in its themes and in the ways it deals with them. Not only do these themes give it more significance but more importantly, their recurrent occurrence. Most notably, Webster chooses to highlight such issues by making such happenings or situations recurrent in the play. This paper analyzes the recurrent structural situations in the play and focuses on the significance of certain recurrent happenings. Thus, Webster’s choice to make some happenings or situations recurrent is very significant and meaningful. In dealing with The Duchess Malfi, two main aspects are recurrent in terms of its structure. Firstly, the idea of five phases is clearly seen in The Duchess of Malfi not only through the number of its acts but also through the recurrent use of five scenes in the same act. This is evident in acts two, three and five which are divided into five scenes. The idea of five scenes would have come from the view of the structure of a tragedy. This recurrent structure is very significant since from the first time, it shows Webster’s use of the Freytag Pyramid. Notably, each scene in acts two, three and five represents the exposition, complication, climax, the catastrophe or the resolution. So, each scene looks independent from others scenes and rich in terms of events. The recurrent use of five scenes in the same act is also significant in the way it shows Webster’s organization of his ideas and thoughts. In order for him to make his events and situations clear for his audience and not telling them feel bored, he divides the acts into many scenes which have different functions such as introducing, complicating, resolving…… On the other hand, another structural aspect in The Duchess of Malfi is the similarity between aspects in the opening and closing of some scenes within the same act. Yet, when reading the play, one cab remark that the way in which some scenes are presented is almost

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