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It's a wonderful internet

This text is a poem made up of ten stanzas of four lines, each which have almost the same lenght and which on with rhyming couplets.
The goal of this text is theconsequences and the danger of an excessive use of internet. It's the story of one character who illustrates this phenomenon...
What can be the consequences of an excessive use of internet?
We shallanalyze the text in two parts...
The first is: why people use internet? And the second is about the internet's issues.

I – Why people use internet?
People can search, see, found everything on the net,it is a useful tool.
Example: (from the text) playing online games, have online friends, listen-watch films, musics, videos...
1-2 stanzas illustrate that : « playing on his online game with allhis online friends » / «George recalled that before online music began » ( stanza 7)
People replace books by internet, they don't need to take a lot of book for work ( when they travel for example )it's easier.
They can have an access on their online bank account, they can pay their bills online, and they can manage their money online too.
(Stanza 10 ) « Drat! I used online banking to payall my bills ».

II – Internet's consequences.
People could become internet's addicted. ( like the man in the text, who doesn't know live without internet, even during holiday -first line of thepeom- ) « It was holiday, and George sat in his den, playing his online game [...] »
It's dangerous for the social life: forget friends, family, be alone in front of a computer... (stanzas 5- 6) « Butwhen he looked for their numbers , he found he had none » / « And your girl friend won't show up , however you whine » / « Who needs friends? I'll just listen to my mp3 ».
It's dangerous for theschool, children can forget their homeworks, can play on the computer when they come home before making their work.
People can be lost when they haven't internet any more while they had it before (...
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