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1. There are three characters involded in the scene: Chanu and his wife Nazneen, and Dr Azad, who is their guest.

2. They live in Britain, because Dr Azadmentions the pubs children go to. “l.12”

3. The characters belong to the Bengali community.”l.1”

4. What shows that the younger generation have adopted the customs of the country they live in itis that the children go to the pub and nightclubs or drink at home. They “are copying what they see” l.12

5. According to Chanu, the country they live in have spoils the younger generation.”l.18”6. Maybe that the older members of community think that all the good education they have given to their children
is destroyed by the British way of life. They consider that in Britain theirchildren are at risk: they can lose their moral values. Ils pensent que toute bonne éducation qu'ils ont donnée à leurs enfants
est détruite par le mode de vie britannique. Ils considèrent qu'enGrande-Bretagne leurs
enfants sont en danger : ils peuvent perdre leurs valeurs morales.
le problème est notre communauté n'est pas correctement instruit au sujet de ces choses.

7. He thinks of goingback to their homeland. “l.17.18”

8. The members of the older generation don’t seem to be integrated very much: “They don’t ever really
leave home”l.26, “look how they live: just recreating thevillages here”l.26, “I used
to think all the time of going back”.l.39

9.This “disease”, as he calls it, consists in always wishing they could go
back to their homeland, although it has becomeimpossible for them to do so.

10. She says that they don’t need so much money to live on as he thinks.”34.35”

11. Nazneen seems to be a woman who lets herself handle. At the beginning
she was standingbehind them to serve them, like has maid. She is very shy and dares not speak: her words do not “leave her mouth” and
when she manages to counter Dr Azad’s argument she does not look at
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