Distirbution internale d'un produit français à l'étranger.

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International distribution

Autumn 2009

A little company producing the French camembert



I. Study in France

I.1. Current industry situation in France
I.2. Supply chain management in France
I.3. Logistics management in France
I.4. Channel management in France
I.5. Synthesis

II. Study in GermanyII.1. Current industry situation in Germany
II.2. Supply chain management in Germany
II.3. Logistics management in Germany
II.4. Channel management in Germany
II.5. Our new market


1. What about the company?
In order to realize our work, we have chosen to work on a French product, very famous around the world: the “Camembert”.
That’s we had concentrated on alittle company, situated in Normandy, North-West of France, whose name is “La hérronière”.
In more details, it is a family enterprise in which a few people made the camembert in a very traditional way thanks to an old recipe (1791). However, they have a quite high potential of production, indeed the daily production amounts to 900 cheeses.
Location of our company

2. What about the product?
So,just as we said before, our product is a camembert with a high quality. Indeed it responds to the AOC label. That is to say that it has to be made by respecting several rules, first the camembert is produced on the Normand floor, with raw milk which had never crossed 37°c. Then, it is mould with a dipper, and its top is covered by a specific type of mushrooms (Penicillium Candidum). It weights 250grams, contains 45% of fat and has a diameter measuring on average 11 centimeters.
The fabrication process counts four main steps and lasts 13 days:
* Milk collect
* Casting with a dipper
* Draining
* Removal from the mould
One more detail is that, to have one camembert, 2.2 Litres of milk are needed.

Finally, we can add that our product is the only one which is producedin the city of camembert, in Normandy.
Part I. Study in France
I.1. Current industry situation in France
We had identified several sources of competition. Before all, there are the local producers, such as
* Cheese maker society in Orbec
* Réaux cheese maker in Lessay
* The Saint Loup domain in Crevecoeur en Auge
* […]
Then there are also industrial producers, that is to saylarge companies, we can for example quote Président.
Finally, “La hérronière” already distributes its product to its customers in many ways as well directly as indirectly.
* Direct sales: in the farm and at the local markets
* Indirect sales thanks to retailers situated an hypermarket and a restaurant in the region, near the farm.
I.2. Supply chain management in France
As our product isdirectly baked off in the farm, we do not need some raw materials suppliers. However, we need an organism which can supply us with materials for the packaging.
Indeed, we need to protect our camembert, and in order to do it, we chose to put our cheeses in round boxes, made in hood, particularly in poplar for one main reason. Camembert is a living matter which needs to breath and poplar permitsit. In fact it is a type of wood that gives a lot of oxygen. Moreover, we need also some pallets for the transportation.
Since the launch of our business, we worked with the same company which can supply us with both the packaging and the pallets. The name of this company is “Emballages MAQUET” and it has three sites: One in Nord-Pas-De-Calais, another in Picardie which is the region in Francewhere poplars are the most present and the third in Normandie. Everybody could understand that this is very convenient for us, because of the proximity. As it is not far from our farm, we do not have so many costs.

I.3. Logistics management in France
Customers need best quality products especially when they buy merchandises which are labeled AOC. That is the reason why we have to take care about...
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