Do you consider that we are manipulated by advertisers ?

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Advertisers are intended to introduce and advertise in order to encourage the public to buy or use. Do you consider that we are manipulated by advertisers ?

Advertisers are responsible for informing the consumer. How do you know what is on the market without advertising? For example, if there isn't advertising, you don't know that a new juice.Being "advertiser" is a profession and therefore, they are obliged to make their boss happy by attracting many buyers. In addition, advertising is beneficial because it brings revenue to broadcasters. Without advertising, there would be no good TV series.

But on the other side, advertisers manipulate persons. The manipulation of advertisers is based on strategies. We can see severals levels for example, the new strategie is the use of the child. Through advertising, they convince the child to persuade his parents to buy a toy or cake, so advertisers have led parents to consume. For example, the child asks his parents to buy these new cereals to him because there is a toy in the box.
Another form of marketing strategy is ecology. With the theme of the environment, the companies boast of their efforts towards the environment.
The use of celebrities is very current. Through celebrities, the individual identifies with them. For example, when people see Drogba eat a Kinder Bueno, they want to buy this cake because the football star has eaten the cake. With this all strategies, advertisers create false need, desire and push the person to consume. Advertising offers an ideal life, so the product offers the happiness. The advertisements make us feel like our life would be better if we had the product and so we buy it.
In addition to encouraging people to buy, advertising encourage people with little money to buy.

My opinion leans in both sides. I would say "No" because there would not have all these American series without commercials, and, like any trade,

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