Doing business in morocco

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Doing Business in MOROCCO

Which are the main characteristics of your national culture and national character?

Morocco is a country of multi-ethnic groups with a very rich cultureand an old civilization. Through Moroccan history, Morocco has been hosting many different ethnic groups: the indigenous Berbers, Phoenicians Jews and Arabs, Sub-Saharan Africans and also people fromNorth, Romans and Vandals. Thanks to this multiethnic trend, all of those cultures had a real impact on the social structure of Morocco. As a result, Morocco can be seen as a real multiculturalmosaic which hosts many different forms of beliefs, from Islam, Judaism to Christianity. Each culture has left an impression on the architecture, designs, languages and atmosphere of the nation. Themajority of Morocco's population is Arab by identity but many adopted an European way of life, especially because of French influence.
The main characteristics of Morocco’s national culture are quite hardto define as each region possesses its own uniqueness. Morocco also benefits from a real geographical diversity through the mountains, the sea and the desert. This has contributed to create differentway of life all over the country and it explains why of the main characteristics of my national culture is the protection of diversity and the preservation of our cultural legacy.
How do theyeffect doing business in your country?

After a series of dynasties, sultans and conquering armies, Morocco achieved its independence from France in 1956. Morocco has always been an proactive country inbusiness. It is one of America’s oldest allies and it is a very attractive place for foreign investment because an excellent geostrategic location, low inflation and labour costs and some strongtrade agreements with the EU as well as the other countries in Africa and the Middle East.
Those doing business in Morocco must first understand Moroccan business culture in order to succeed. Morocco...
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