Dossier d'anglais sur la série seinfeld

Pages: 3 (665 mots) Publié le: 24 mars 2011
YEAR: 1989

Did you watch the film with or without subtitles? Why?
I watched the series with subtitles inorder to listen to the dialogues and read the french translation at the same time, so that I'm sure of what I understand, and I improve my English by the way.

Where and when is the film/serieset? Try to describe the environment and the context in which the story takes place.
The story takes place in Manhattan, in the late 80's, in a context of everyday life.

Describe the maincharacter(s) of the film/episode (15 lines maximum)
We come across Jerry Seinfeld, the main character. He is a comedian making one man shows and gets his inspiration in his daily life. He is oftenaccompanied by his best friend George Costanza, a really weird and creepy man. He won't hesitate to lie about what he is to dredge women or in general to get what he wants. Both of them catch out with ElaineBenes. She is actually Jerry's ex-girlfriend, but they decided to stay friends, even though she seems to be jealous when other women talk to Jerry. There is also Cosmo Kramer, Jerry's neighbor, a veryawkward and funny character.

What happens? Summarize the plot of the film/episode, or describe one scene in detail (10 to 15 lines maximum)
It's hard to answer this question because Seinfeld isbased on a concept of plotlines without goals, so that through the season, we can't discern a concrete plot. The episodes focus on the characters in their everyday life, all that we can notice is thatJerry Seinfeld, the main character, is led in every episodes to make one-man shows from his own experiences or life around him.

Find to main themes and analyse them.
As we know that there areno plots in this series, we also can not discern themes. Nevertheless, there is still a reccuring theme : women. Because Jerry Seinfeld has got a lot of difficulties with them. We learn from the...
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