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August Rush

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The movie takes place in New York during present time. The movie is about a girl (Lyla) who plays cello who meets a boy (Louis) who plays guitar at a party. Theystarted to talking and fell in love instantly. They spent the night with each other but in the morning both should go they separate ways. They tried to meet each other but they couldn’t because they hadno ways of contact, they only had each others picture. Six month later, Lyla found out that she is pregnant. She met her father at a restaurant to tell him about her pregnancy. He became upset andstarted to yell at her. After the father started to yelling at her, she got mad because he didn’t understand her problem, he was not trying to support her. She run from the restaurant and got hit by acar. When she wakes up at the hospital, her father tells her that the baby is dead. But the father wasn’t telling the truth, her father adopted away her new born child during her stay at the hospital.After 11 years, her child (Evan) is growing up and he is musically talented. He managed to escape the orphanage to find his parents because he always knew that they were alive. He followed the musiche thinks would guide him to his parents and he managed to get to NY and find His parents.
At the same time, Lyla’s father told her that he adopted away her child because he thought that it was areally bad idea to keep it. So she started to look after her son everywhere.
Louis managed also to go to New York and find Lyla, after he found her, he was told that they had a son.


Louis Conelly (Jonathan Rhys Meyers): The “bad boy” playing guitar in a band. He felled in love with Lyla after the first time they met. The father of Evan. He is trying to act tuff but inreality he got a heart made of gold.
Lyla Novacek (Keri Russel): A talented woman, who felled in love with Louis after the first time they met. She is told 11 years later that her child is alive. She...
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