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The main objective of this dissertation is to find out how light can be implemented in design and branding strategy. The main sections of the dissertation are as follows:
Introduction and Literature Review
Bringing colour and light into our daily lives helps in connecting with the corresponding different facets of one's self. Colour and light are the visual impulse that inspires us torealise our inner richness. The role of light in product design and branding are need to be investigated through the identification of the consumer perception of lights. The subject is divided into ‘light in design’ and ‘light branding’, with light acting as the linkage between the tangible, product design and the intangible, brand.
Key Question
From the literature review the key question isdefined along with sub-questions which are crucial to the area of light branding and design. The key question addresses the management of light if it is determined to be a key product and brand differentiator.
The main research method was focus on literature. A number of specific topics and theory were discovered during the study. This section also outlines the way in which primaryresearch to answer the key question was undertaken. And the recognition level of light brands is also explored from the questionnaire data collated.
Evaluation can be undertaken in a number of ways. Little direct evidence found in either literature or interview of its use. The role that senses and emotions on the use, or otherwise, of design process was investigated.
Thediscussion explores where and how light can be used within the corporate climate and its
implications for design management. The difference between artists and designers in the design management was also discussed.
Design has to be acknowledged for the role that it can play in transforming into a product, and also in communicating with customers. The contributions that the findingsfrom this dissertation can make to the world of designing with light are uncomplicated.
The idea for this project was inspired by the film — Batman Forever. The conception of “Light Branding” came to my mind when I saw the ‘Symbol’ of Batman projected into the sky. Then I began to wonder what an interesting way of identifying himself.
The presence of light and colour is acceptedby most people of the world today without really giving it a second thought. Lighting is a reflection of how we perceive the world around us. Subjectively, it is a decision to withdraw elements or put emphasis on what it is believed to be more significant and communicative in a unique and specific context. Yet if we were cut out light, our world would quickly become extinct. Whether we realise itor not, Light and therefore colour, has a major dominance upon our lives. From awakening in the morning until we retire in the evening, we are saturated by an ever-changing relationship with the colours that are presented to us and perceived on so many different levels. Light is something always noticed in darkness. Even dim light is noticed. When light is present it enables one to function in whatotherwise is darkness.
Bringing colour and light into our daily lives helps in connecting with the corresponding different facets of one's self. Colour and light are the visual impulse that inspires us to realise our inner richness. We have started to realize just how important many cultural, emotional and aesthetic aspects are in creating a properly balanced, humane environment. It could be themost powerful catalyst and motivator, helping customers to recognise the brand which is firmly imbedded within their subconscious, and helping the brand to be differentiated from other competitors.
Artists and designers have known for a long time, lighting is a powerful emotional tool. It is a creative medium - perhaps the most powerful of all-mediums. Most of what we know of our environment...
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