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Description of the course English and American law of contracts. Targeted at law students Objectives This Module aims to help the student: Understand the principlesof the Law of contracts Become familiar with the key principles as interpreted by Caselaw Develop an advanced knowledge of analyzing court decisions Apply legalconcepts to real life situations, through legal case analysis and case studies Development of Skills Base A successful candidate on this Module should: Possess a firmknowledge and understanding of Law of contracts Be able to evaluate critically new developments in this area Be capable of utilising a full range of learning and researchresources Be skilled in presenting complex ideas and arguments in writing and orally Course content Introduction : 1. History of the UK and US contract law Part 1 :The formation of contracts 2. Offer 3. Acceptance 4. Consideration 5. Practical exercises Part 2 : The Performance of contracts 6. Contents and borders 7. Defects 8.Practical exercises Part 3 : Breach of contract 9. Non performance and breach of contract 10. Remedies 11. Practical exercises Mode of assessment On-going assessment,through active participation (which includes preparation, written assignment(s) – at discretion of teacher - attendance and participation at classes) Books R. Taylorand D. Taylor, Contract law, Oxford University Press, 2nd edition, 2009 E. McKendrick, Contract Law: text, cases and materials, 3rd edition, Oxford University Press,2008 J.D. Calamari & J.M. Perillo, The law os contracts,, West Group, 4 th edition, 1998 E. Errante, The anglo-american law of contracts, LGDJ, 2nd edition, 2001

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