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Capstone Final Exam Case Analysis

Dubai-Land: Would the Pharaohs Have Dared ?


May, 2010

Tutor: Thomas Andrew

Table of content


1) What should be the content of the strategy? What would you do if you were in Christian Perdier’s shoes? What would you propose to the Chairman in five days?

2) What key priorities would you set for you and your team toget speed of delivery?

3) What would you do with this strategy? How would you share it? And with whom?

4) What kind of team would you put together and how would you build it?

5) How would you obtain consistent and high levels of customer experience in the design and running of Dubailand, in a situation where a big chunk of the destination is managed by others?



A long time based on oil incomes, Dubai managed to transform and diversify its emerging economy from a transport hub, via its famous airlines company “Emirats”, to a tourist destination by developping amazing luxury hotels and infrastructures. Revenues from petrol made up only 8,4% of the state’s GDP last year highlighting this strategy of diversification of theireconomy. Tourism, trade, real estate, retail, construction and even financial services represent significant portions of the national economy.

As part of the country’s efforts to invest on projects in order to diversify the sources of the domestic gross and prevent the “post oil era”, the Dubai Development & Investment Authority came up in early 2002 with this idea of the Dubailand project and thecreation of a globally competitive entertainment and leisure hub. Officially announced in October 2003, the master plan forecasted to launch the biggest construction project in the world. Not only a Middle East answer to Disney Land, there are 26 projects under development divided on 6 different zones on a area of 278 km2. Approximatly, $ 64bn should be invested in the project including thelargest theme park and shopping mall in the world, real estate complexes, Universal studios, a complex of sport stadiums, an ecological dome to grow vegetation in the heart of desert, several new five-star luxury hotels, a modern art gallery, a zoo, pyramids and a dynamic downtown.

In 2006, Tatweer, the member company and subsidiary of Dubai Holding, a Dubai based company set up by the Government tomanage its assets and investments, approached the french “top executive” Christian Perdrier to lead the Dubailand project and meet the deadlines. In order to achieve Dubai Land, Tatweer Chairman, Saeed Al Muntafiq, had to set up a world class management team and bring some of the most experienced and respected talents from Dubai and overseas, people famous and well-know for their strong regionalknowledge and international exposure. Beside his 12 years passed in the Disney Land management, C. Perdrier comes to Tatweer with a wealth of international experience in the hospitality industry accros Europe, Middle East, Far East and the United States. He managed a number of large scale projects including 220 hotels, 12 000 employees and a capacity of 10 000 rooms.

By accepting to lead thisproject that is not at all human in size, C. Perdrier has been asked to turn the project from the conceptual phase to an operational phase in a restricted time. By the time he joined the team in February 2007, much of the master planning was complete. His biggest challenge will be to deal with TIME to rise up a 27,000 hectares complex and hiring the first wave of 250,000 employees. Enrolled asEntertainment & Leisure Vice-Preisdent, the Chairman let him 5 days after sign up to set up a strategy, that required genrally months of observation and learnings, in order to understand main issues and give directions to the project. Decisions he will make are just crucial. The case serves us as basis to consider the following issues:

(1)What should be the content of the strategy? What would you...
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