Effects of russian revolutions

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* Effects of 1905 Revolution
Although the political parties shared the same ultimate goal of overthrowing the existing order--Czardom, they were divided from one another. The Liberals, theMensheviks, the Bolsheviks and the Social Revolutionaries had different political programmes. In 1905 each political party made its own struggles against Czardom. Thus the Czarist government could suppressthese political parties one by one. Besides the division between the political parties, there was much dissension within each of the political parties: the right-wing Liberals disagreed with the radicalLiberals, the Mensheviks disagreed with the Bolsheviks, and the moderate Social Revolutionaries disagreed with the radical Social Revolutionaries. The internal division within each party gravelyweakened the strength of its struggle against Czardom.
That is when the Tsar decided to establish the Duma (parliament, more freedom, laws). With the promulgation of the October Manifesto, concertedopposition to the government melted away. The landed proprietors, the liberals and the less radical socialists were at least partially satisfied. Only the radical socialists, radical workers and hungrypeasants continued the revolution.
The dynasty retained the support of the bureaucracy, the major part of the army and the nobility. Thus the Czar was able to suppress the strikes and the revolts afterthe division had appeared among the opposition forces.
In short, the opposition forces, divided, unprepared to seize power, unable to represent the wishes of the peasants and the workers, failed tooverthrow the decadent and demoralized dynasty which retained the support of the nobles, the bureaucrats and the army.
The new plan was aiming for stability. Stolypin, the new prime ministerrepressed the revolutionaries by sending 20 000 protesters to Siberia. He also took in consideration the workers (sickness/accident insurance) and the workers (new opportunities to buy land). However, he...
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