England and america two different countries divided by a common language

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two different countries divided by a common language


We both know that since quite a long time England and America are divided by so many things but theycan't really be dissociated because they share a common point which is their language.

First of all the 2 countries are divided geographically, in deed America is 9 629 048 km² and located to theeast whereas England is more European so located to the west and is 130395 km² meaning it's really smaller. Does this problem of size need to be considered? We can just say that America is more a nationthan a country and for that, America feels stronger than England. Otherwise, both England and America are striking about their habits and ways. In one hand we have the English seen by the Americansthe general idea would be: “English are gay, posh, snobby, tea-drinking people with awful teeth, ugly and owning the most infamous food in the whole world”, in another hand we have the Americans seen bythe English: "Americans are fat, mcdonalds guzzling, greedy, lazy slobs, gun-waving loonies ". Moreover they are contesting about their culture, we can say that England is more austere than Americaand as a result the cultures are very different: England is more religious than America, legal driving and drinking ages are not the same : concerning America the legal driving age is 16 but the legaldrinking age is 21 whereas in England it is 18 for the legal driving and drinking age, the money is not the same : it's dollar for America and Pound for England (1,00 USD = 0,625274 GBP), there arealso differences in driving practices but England is a particular country concerning that point because people drive on the left.

Well, all that things explain us how much England and America can bedivided but now, we have to talk about the language: the ENGLISH that they share. Despite some differences that we'll mention later, it's clear that the language spoken in America and in England is...
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