English speech about death penalty

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I know all of you or most of you and I know that you are all interested in the abolition of the death penalty. That’s the reason why, I say to you today, my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, your help is needed! Your help is needed to abolish the death penalty.
Whether you are a republican, a democrat, a liberal or a conservative, a right or left winger; I beseech your support, compassion, love and understanding about death penalty.
For I believe that, it’ll be the people like you, who will make the difference; who will slow down the fast pace of evil for the future. Believe in me your help is needed!

How many must die before we acknowledge the existence of death penalty?
Since the death penalty was re-instated in 1976, more than 3 600 people have been sentenced to death in the united states. The practical reason as opposed to philosophical reasons, for ending the death penalty is in the way it has been applied. A recent study from the Columbia university law school has shown that 68% of death penalty sentences have been overturned. Either because of some judicial errors or because of some DNA tests and other evidence has shown the convicts to be innocent; There is no doubt that innocent men have been executed! Do you really think, my friends, that this is normal? I don’t think so and that’s why we need your help!

Why do we still live in a world of justice when death penalty still exists?
The movement abolishing the death penalty had its roots in the enlightenment in Europe at the end of the 18th century, by the time that the universal declaration of human rights was promulgated in 1948. American death penalty is heinous and should be abolished, which has already been done in the majority of countries around the world. Indeed, the united states are one of the few democracies that still execute people. It’s one of only 5 or 6 countries in the world that executes people who committed their crimes as juveniles. Yet, the

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