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This is an abridged version of my e-book, 250 Ways to Say It in Business English, which I started compiling when a student asked me for a list of “phrases to say” in different business situations. He had gone through a few English courses and felt that teachers had always taught him the same functions. “I‟ve learnt how to ask someone to open a window several times,” he commented, “but no one has told me what to say when I have to give bad news.” 100 Ways to Say it in Business English is for people who want a quick guide on what to say in common situations. Five examples have been written for each function to give readers the opportunity to find the phrase that suits their needs best. All in all, a choice of five hundred phrases that, I hope, can help you speak business English more effectively. The full book can be bought at www.words300.com/books for $ 1.99. It includes two hundred and fifty situations, with thirty-three that refer exclusively to telephoning. In total, well over a thousand expressions to help students with their business English.

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