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Job Interview

Well, welcome Mr. I’m gonna present you the progress of the interview.
First, You will speak about yourself and your experience. Then, I will present you the job and ask you somequestions.
So, let’s go ! Can you tell us about yourself ?

Of course ! My name is xxx, I'm 24 years old.
I am currently in 4th year of business school in Paris.
I live in xxxx in Val d'Oise.

Soyou told me that you’re currently in 4th year, where did you study the last year, what type of bachelor did you do ?

I was in xxx.
I currently have a Bachelor of Scienceand Technology Tertiary option accounting, a BTS Commerce International, and a BA Marketing.

What kind of experience do you have ?

I had a number of jobs since I'm workingage, starting cash in a store frozen, throughresponsible media department, and currently a sales engineer in telephony.

I read on your Curriculum Vitae that you were in Boulanger, what was your role during this job ?

I was responsible formanaging the multimedia department, mainly over the portion of television and audio.

What have you learned from that experience ?

Many things ... but mostly it's not easy to manage a team of 15 people,but with time, we finally make it ...

Ah ah, this is perfect, you won’t have to manage so many people with ths job…well if I accept to hire you of course !

Ah ah yes ! By the way, Is it possible to getmore informations about the job ?

Of course ! I imagine that you saw we are a little enterprise and I need someone to operate all the marketing. Indeed I have several business to manage and I haveno time anymore to do everything myself.
You will have to make all the promotion of our products. I was interested by your profile because you have a great past in commercial and this is importantto convince our clients to buy our very special products. Well, you know… sex toys are still a taboo. Do you have a problem with selling sex toys ?

No ! I have several sex toys at...
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