Equal opportunities in the workplace

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My presentation is about Uk legislation regarding equal opportunities in the workplace, including at recruitment stage. Equal opportunities means the right to be treated fairly and with respect : in other words it means that there should be no difference of treatment at work between people because of their gender, their race, their religion, their beliefs, their age, or even their sexual orientation. There should be no discrimination. They are different types of discrimination :
-Direct discrimination : when an employer treats an employee less favourably than someone else because of a specific reason.
-Indirect discrimination : when a working condition or rule disadvantages one group of people more than another.
-harassement : offensive or intimidating behaviour
-victimization : Victimisation means treating somebody less favourably than others because they tried to make, or made, a complaint about discrimination.

United Kingdom has developed its legislation to prevent people from being discriminated against not only in the workplace but aslo at the recruitment stage.

As far as the recruitment stage is concerned, it is illegal not to put every applicant on an equal footing.
When employers detail the job specification, they should state clearly what tasks the person will have to do and what skills they will need to do the job. They must avoid stating any requirements that are not directly related to the job such as the candidate's marital status or race.
When interwewing the candidate they should ask for as less personal details as possible. This means that certain questions are strictly banned. You can’t ask, either directly or indirectly, whether someone is married, gay or plans to have children. Nor can you try to elicit information about a candidate’s religion or sexual orientation.
In the same way that job advertisements may not ask for a particular race or gender, the new age discrimination law means that phrases such as ‘young and dynamic’

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