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This article is extracted from the BBCnews published on the 9 October of 2010.
It deals with the sludge spill in hungaria.
The last week 184 million gallons of toxic red mud had been dumped on three villages in a few hours.
This red mud is very toxic because is residue toxic of aluminium. A lot of people are treated for burns and other problems and 8 person are dead in this disaster.
The mud has caused massive damage to Hungarian villages and towns close to the plant.
What's more the meteorogicale conditions are very bad.
Even better the disaster The alkaline sludge reached the Danube because of emergency workers
However the government said the situation had been « under controle » despite the hungarian rescue the government has asked the EU for urgent help in dealing with the disaster.
The ecologist are very hungry because in short time there were two natural disasters : the oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico and the red mud in the east country.
The really problem is for the danube because is a big river with fauna and flora despite the government said the Danube was not touched by the disaster , the ecologist of greenpeace said it had found high mercury and chromium levels in sludge samples from Kolontar in the Danube.
Every body are very worried howerver the firm has released 110,000 euros to help for cleaning.
Finally The sluge poisoning could be a bigger disaster and it takes more than its recurrence .

First of all the sludge red mud are very toxic and was provoqed a lot of damage in three little city because of the very acid PH inside. She burn and destroy everythings in his « passage »
Personnaly speakink the red mud has posed very big problems in Hungarian despite the hungarian rescue the mud has despend everywere.
According me the situation is a disaster for the hungarie and the east countries.
The Danube is very big FLEUVE and cross BEAUCOUP countries In the one hand the fauna and flora had been touched and on the other

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