Essai en anglais sur la place de l'education

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“Education is basically a social experience. The atmosphere is the most important thing.”

Education is an essential element in our society. It firstpurpose is to prepare people for their life and of course for their job. But for many people education is basically a social experience, indeed the atmosphere seemsto be the most important thing.

School is a place where you develop your skills and it makes it possible to meet people from different backgrounds. Withthem, you learn to be aware, tolerant and things like working well as a team. We can say that’s the place where you start your social life.
With years you meetmore and more people, they help you to develop your own opinion and to create your own identity. If education isn’t the only institution to develop a sociallink it’s probably the most important, but sports clubs or firms can be other places to follow a social experience.
But on the other hand, university must be aplace where people learn things to use for their future life. The aim of school is to prepare young people for a job and a degree. Some people graduate withouthaving a social life because they know that life is a struggle, some said that only the strong survive and to be the best they must concentrate only on theirstudies.

Personally I agree with the idea that education is basically a social experience. I think that you can’t be happy and fulfil without a social life.Social relationships and school are just as important for me, they are the keys to succeed in life. Personally I met all my best friends thanks to education.
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