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The first line of the poem written by John Keats brings forward the effect that beautiful things have on a person life. Looking, smelling orhearing, a beautiful object, wine or song, provokes an immense and long lasting pleasure to the soul. In a way, the person starts to like hislife because the thought of those beautiful things transmitted him their inner radiations. Work of art is supposed to be an aesthetic productionrealized by a skilled artist. Titien paintings could give the pleasure describes by Keats. But conceptual art, according to Denis Dutton, isnot a question of “skillful hands-on execution” but a question of “creative concept”. The aim is to be original and to have an effect on thespectator. It has this impact because it interacts with our intellectual background and not because it is beautiful. As beauty is not the mainaspect of this kind of art and as it’s strongly rooted in our time, it may not talk to the next generations that may be as sensitive to beauty ofthe old works of art as we are. But I disagree with Dutton, some conceptual productions will last at least as a testimony of our businessoriented times. Some will also last because they reflect a part of the artistic genius of humankind as Khéops pyramid or the Empire State Buildingare example of the architectural genius of men. What makes a work of art goes through the ages is not beauty but the genius of the artist.
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