Exposé anglais de la statue de la liberté

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Hello everybody, i am going to talk about the statue of liberty. My talk will be in two parts. In the first part, i will talk about the history of the statue, then in the second part i will describethe statue. The presentation will last six minutes and after my talk there will be time for a discussion and any questions.
Now, let’s move to the first part of my talk which is about the history:Part One:
In 1865 during a dinner, bartholdi, a french architecht had the idea that france had to offer to united state a gift to commemorate the centennual of united states independance and a gift(=cadeau) which would be a symbol of friendship from france to america.
So, in 1875 the statue was created and was offered to united states un 1886.
Concerning the localisation: the statue of libertyis one of the most famous monuments of new york. It is stands at liberty island in the south of manhattan and close to ellis island;
That’s all for the first part, so now i want to describe thestatue.
Part 2:
The statue of liberty is one hundred fifty one tall, it represents a woman with a crown, the seven pointes of this crown represent the seven continents and the seven sears (=mers)
Thewoman holds (=tenir) in her left hand a tablet close to her body and a flamming torch high in her right hand.
The tablet mentions law (=loi)
Worldwide, the statue embodies peace, brotherhood andliberty.
She become the symbol of immigration.
She has been associated with the Emma Lazunus’s poem “ the new colassus” and has been a symbol of welcome so arriving immigrants who could see the statuewhen they got close to united state by boat.
Today the immigrant arrive by plane at the curport J.F Kennedy where the same poem has been united.
After the attacks of september 11th 2001,the island of liberty island was closed, before being again opened to the public in december of the same year. The monument in itself reopened only August 3rd 2004, but access inside the statue...
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