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Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome on the FLASH NEWS!
The program on this Monday is as follows:
First the French system education by a British person, secondly we talks about the diets with a nutritionist, thirdly new album by Michael Jackson and to finish the weather presented by Lydie Simoens.
The opinion of the British about the French education system

We start with, The opinion of the British about the French education system,
‘They shoot schoolchildren, don’t they?’ This is the title of a book that is causing a stir in France. Written by a British author this book talks about the French education system. British journalist and lecturer Peter Gumbel has lived in France since 2002. He lectures in journalism at the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris. His interest in the education system, however, came about due to the experiences of his own children when the family moved across the channel. As an outsider, you swiftly notice the differences in another country’s education system and it’s allows you to perhaps make a clearer evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses.

We can say that there are two very different aspects for French education system. France’s education system is very detailed and challenging, so if you use this system, you’ll have a good education. But at the same time, we can say that the French education system makes pupils anxious and belittles their confidence. Interaction like “sit down and shut up” is not encouraged, and instead of being seen as something to learn from, mistakes are punished. We believe that children do not have enough fun or the opportunity to be creative, arguing that ‘there’s very little sport, very little drama, very little team-work. Most damaging of all, is that children are constantly told that they are worthless.

Our argument is backed by studies and reports which suggest that a lot of pressure is put on French school children. These are carried out by international organisations and

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